Living Buenos Aires to live art as if you were an argentine. If you are looking for an option to have an unforgettable experience creating professional, warm interaction with great artists, we are your choice. Living Buenos Aires by the hands of professionals.

Tailored made tours

Accompanied by your own art guide, you'll enjoy your special private tour around artists’ studios, the leading art galleries, museums and much more... According to your preferences, you can choose one of our tours or we can organize a personal tour that better suits your needs and wants.

Argentine Art

Buenos Aires, as any other big, vibrant city, offers plenty of artistic options. Everything is in constant movement, changing all the time. Hundreds of artists show their work, but many others remain unknown.

With us you can now see what you want and taste this exciting city.


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Porteño Art Tour

Duration: 3 ½ hs.

The heart of Buenos Aires’ arts and culture: Visit two artists’ studios of typical BA art + MALBA (LATIN AMERICAN ART MUSEUM).

During this tour you will know the arts and popular techniques of Buenos Aires -like fileteado porteño, silverware - everything with the greatest exponents. You will also meet first level painters that work with our typical iconography -tango, “campo”, polo and local traditions. You will visit their studios and discover the secrets of their ancient techniques, the history of the profession, the applications today... And each artist will unveil the magical and unique processes of their work.

Then, you will enjoy a professional guided tour to the most important museum of Buenos Aires: MALBA. Or, if you prefer, we may call to a prestigious art gallery (visiting its back room).

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Porteño Art Tour & Mate tasting

Duration: 4 hs.

If knowing Buenos Aires customs is what you expect, this is your tour.

A unique taste experience coupled with the Porteño Art Tour*: a tasting of mate, a traditional infused drink of the Río de la Plata. The tasting will take place in one of the ateliers managed by a recognized sommelier.

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Art Galleries Tour

Duration: 2 ½ - 3 hs.

If you want to enjoy the local contemporary art, see the showcase of art and also its back, we design an art tour around the most prestigious art galleries that best suits your tastes.

Art is a fast growing market worldwide, and also in Buenos Aires. The local art scene features the work of excellent, well recognized, young and promising artists. Our Art Galleries Tour gives you the opportunity to go deep into the local market, meeting great talents and names. We will visit the best galleries in the city, and pick them according to your taste, guided by the hand of art experts. This will give you the chance to know not only the back rooms of each gallery, but also to understand the local conditions of this business

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Art Tour x 2: art gallery + museum

Duration: 2 ½ hs.

Short of time and don’t want to miss the best of argentine art?

In only two hours you can see one of the best museums (permanent collection and temporal shows) and one of the best art galleries (visiting its back room).

You can choose between classical or contemporary art pieces.

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Art Tour x 3: museum + art gallery + artist studio

Duration: 3 ½ hs.

We select for you two of the best places to learn about Argentine and Latin-American international recognized artists (MUSEUM + ART GALLERY).

And we invite you to live an unforgettable experience visiting the studio of an important artist.

This tour is perfect for those who to want to live the experience of a lifetime. After a guided tour around the most important and relevant museum in Buenos Aires -MALBA, to learn the particularities of Latin American & Argentinean art, you will visit an art gallery including its back room. To complete the tour, you will visit the place where art is born, the kitchen of the magic works you have experienced during the tour. Meeting the artists in their studios gives the opportunity to deeply understand creation and also to interact with the most awesome people in town. We work with more than 100 artists and we know how to choose the right one for you.

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Gay friendly Art Tour

Duration: 2 ½ - 3 hs.

Private visit to two artists’ studios, both sensitive to the gay world.

You will get the chance to go deeper in the creation process of active, recognized gay artists that will open their studios for a warm visit and deep look into their artistic works.

More details: We can add an art gallery to the tour, if you want to.

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Woman Art Tour

Duration: 4 - 4 ½ hs.

Art, design, jewelry, fashion & history of argentine women.

Visit the most feminine and selective art & design studios + Fortabat Collection + Evita Museum.

On this tour, you‘ll visit two artists’ studios or design places specially thought to fulfill and delight feminine sensibility -different tendencies and techniques of really amazing Argentinean women (jewelry, painting, fashion design).

Then, you’ll be on a special guided tour around an important art collection formed with pieces of great local and international artists that belonged to Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat. Finally, you will enjoy a wonderful cup of tea in the garden of what used to be the headquarters of the most controversial woman of our history: Evita.

More details: Mondays Fortabat Art Collection and Evita Museum are closed.

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Kids Friendly Art Tour

Duration: 5 hs.

Visit two artists’ studios specially selected for children amusement + museum.

This tour is specially designed for kids: have fun, experiment and create are mandatory. A day for the whole family to have fun and an unforgettable experience with local art.

In one of the studios, kids will learn how to develop a piece of art (mosaic or origami) that the family can keep for their own collection. After that, a funny, enjoyable visit to MALBA (Latin American Art Museum) guided for kids, to have the opportunity to activate their imagination. At the end of the day your kids would have became expert artists.

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Eco Art & Design Tour

Duration: 3 ½ hs.

Visit three artists’ studios or designers’ ateliers where ecology, sustainability and recycling are a premise.

First level artists committed to nature, investigating and informing the world what’s going on...

“Creative creators” of exquisite pieces made with waste... You’ll be amazed, delighted and discover the potential of our artists.

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Jewish Art Tour

Duration: 2 ½ hs.

Visit two of the most recognized, promising artists in the Argentine Jewish community.

Buenos Aires hosts great artists that are part of Jewish community. Many of them work on religious and historical themes looking for answers, communicating, keeping history in the collective memory and giving their tradition an important place in their artistic work. Others, pursue aesthetic searches that are not directly related with this; but tradition and Judaism are the signature their art.

On this tour you will know Jewish artists and their work at their private studios.

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Jewish Visit

Duration: 1 hs.

Visit the studio of an artist of the Jewish community.

Your time constraints during your short stay do not prevent you from enjoying a different cultural, artistic experience.

In the middle of a city tour, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the atelier of a Jewish artist.

So, you will know a bit of art of this country through an extraordinary experience.

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Museum Guided Visits

Duration: 1 hs.

If you just have one hour or less and want to visit a museum (in the middle of a city tour, for example) with an expert, we provide you a guide that shows you what you can’t miss of the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions.

MALBA – Colección Fortabat – Fine Arts Museum- MNAD – MAMBA – Fundación PROA – FAENA ARTS CENTER – etc

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Tailor Made Art Tours

Duration: variable.

This Art tour is customized according to your preferences and wishes. You will visit artists’ studios and the best art galleries based on your taste and interest. You can also enjoy a professional guided tour around the most important museums of Buenos Aires.

A guide will pick up you at your hotel door at the agreed time and will take you to places specifically selected for you. This is a human and aesthetic experience and the opportunity to unveil the source of art by the hand of true creators.

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Architecture Tour

Duration: 5 hs.

Buenos Aires offers the best of many worlds in one city. On this tour you will discover the different styles that influence the city’s identity. We will go round areas and buildings selected from a historic-architectural standpoint: we can focus on the most emblematic buildings related to Palace Architecture, or Contemporary Architecture of Buenos Aires, its European parks and plazas. We can also give an approach to the typical Buenos Aires dwellings, domes typologies, Spanish flavor, etc. We may also include a visit to a Museum.

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